SMALLAND feature

First gameplay trailer released for Smalland

Merge Games has revealed the first official gameplay trailer for their open-world, survival, online multiplayer, adventure game SMALLAND. In addition, Merge announced that Smalland will be releasing on both Steam and Epic Games Store.

In Smalland players will be tasked with the expansion of their peoples’ territory across a wild, unforgiving, and ever-changing world where everything is overgrown by plant and animal life. From the perspective of a tiny insect, players will experience life from the bottom of the food chain. Players will climb skyscraper-sized trees, and build rudimentary shelters (at the start). Additionally, they can craft powerful armor with unique abilities, complete quests to aid their people, and discover seemingly abandoned locations.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • A huge open, sandbox world to explore from a tiny perspective
  • Build bases and shelters with a host of upgrades and customisations
  • Discover the lore behind SMALLAND through quests and the hidden NPCs scattered throughout the world
  • Dynamic weather and random events organically create hazardous situations or fortunate events
  • Player upgrades and customisation, craft powerful armor to earn and unlock new abilities
  • Creature factions: Work alongside creatures, gain their trust, earn allies and mounts


Smalland - First Official Gameplay Trailer E3 2021