Forever Skies feature 1

Extended gameplay trailer released for Forever Skies

Far From Home has released an extended gameplay trailer for Forever Skies. Forever Skies is a post-apocalyptic action survival game that will support co-op with up to four players. This extended gameplay trailer shows a lone scientist on a mission to discover the location of a specific virus sample.

In Forever Skies, players will build and customize a high-tech airship. This ship will be your home, workshop, laboratory and more while flying above the surface of Earth. Players will manage their airship hull and its integrity. Additionally, they will be able to extract and gather resources to improve the airship and make it uniquely theirs.

Furthermore, players will research new ways of obtaining food and resources, discover new tools, and increase the chance of their survival. Forever Skies will also allow you to explore and extract resources from the game’s ruins.

Forever Skies is coming to Steam Early Access later this year.


Forever Skies Extended Gameplay Trailer