Euclideon Releases New Video, Showing Off Solidscan – New Tech Included In Unlimited Detail Engine

Euclideon has released a new video, showing off a new tech that is being supported in its ‘Unlimited Detail’ engine and is called Solidscan. According to the team, Solidscan takes an ordinary laser scan and enriches its resolution by around 200 to 1000 times. The data then compresses down, and runs in Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail engine, using Unlimited detail’s streaming system, resulting in loading scenes in less than a second.

My only gripe with this is the blurry mess and the really static objects at the forest level. To put it simply; the forest level looks lifeless (and those bird sounds are not enough to give the illusion of a real forest). And while this tech may seem great for static environments, Euclideon has still not shown levels with dynamic lights, real-time physics and animated objects.

Euclideon has two games under development, so it will be interesting to see whether those games will be just exploration titles with static environments and lighting (something for which Euclideon’s engine can be used).

Enjoy the video!