ESRB’s response on Lootboxes and Simulated Gambling

Just a few days ago, we wrote an article regarding ESRB. Most of the information is available on their website, but I do not think many people actually know the process of giving ratings. Angry Joe contacted ESRB by email and expressed his concerns. ESRB did respond and answered all of his questions. It is almost impossible to know for sure, how open and honest ESRB’s answers actually are, but kudos to them for at least answering.

ESRB went in length describing their process and if this is actually true, then it sounds okay. Still, it does not justify everything and most importantly, it does not excuse any sort of gambling implementation in video games. We do not need it in video games. It is wrong and greedy. In my opinion it needs to be stopped, period!

Below you can watch the lengthy video on the subject.

The ESRB has responded to our Angry Rant!

Thanks AJ.

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