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Doom Eternal E3 2019 gameplay trailer has been recreated in Classic Doom and looks retro-cool

YouTube’s ‘Szczebrzeszyniarz Brzeczyszczyczmoszyski’ has recreated the latest gameplay trailer for Doom Eternal that was showcased at E3 2019 in classic Doom. The YouTuber was able to come really close to the original trailer, making this classic Doom demake look absolutely retro-cool.

In order to recreate the Doom Eternal trailer, the YouTuber used the Accessories to Murder, GMOTA, Project Brutality, Russian Overkill, Samsara, Samsara Extra Heroes + exMixer, Trailblazer and Zen Dynamics mods, as well as the Brigandine, Deus Vult II, Doom 2 Project Remap, Eviternity, Gothic 99, Hellbound, Scythe 2 and Stardate 20×7 maps.

What is basically being showcased here is that modders can already demake Doom Eternal in Classic Doom (provided they merge multiple mods and maps). Whether such a project will emerge when Doom Eternal releases remains to be seen, however there is potential for such a demake.

Doom Eternal is currently planned for a November 22nd release.

Enjoy the demake trailer!

Classic Doom Eternal Trailer Side-by-Side Comparison