Doom feature v2

Doom (4) for Doom mod gets new trailer, version 2.0 releasing on October 31st

Modder ‘dbthanatos’ has released a new trailer for his amazing “Doom (4) for Doom” mod. As its name suggests, this mod brings the gameplay and weapons from Doom 4 to the original and classic Doom game.

In this new version of Doom (4) for Doom, all weapons now have upgrades (guns that don’t have mods have improvement upgrades instead, and there are four upgrades to these specific weapons), new, mysterious items called Carrion drop from enemies when gibbed, and three new weapons have been added.

This new version also lets players customize the Glory Kills so they can have them to whatever style they want, and allows them to completely turn them off.

Doom (4) for Doom version 2.0 also makes some changes to Demon Runes, Powerups and Suit Upgrades.

As said, this brand new version will be released on October 31st, so stay tuned!