Disintegration gets a new trailer, focusing on its multiplayer modes

V1 Interactive has released a brand new trailer for Disintegration, focusing on its multiplayer modes. The game will feature three modes. These are: Zone Control, Collector and Retrieval.

In Zone Control, players will have to capture specific areas in order to control the map. In Collector, players will have to control as many brain cans as possible before the timer is up or the score limit is reached. Lastly, in Retrieval there will be an attacking and a defending team. The goal of the attackers is to retrieve pores from correspond points and deliver them to a drop point. The goal of the defenders is to stop the attackers at all costs.

Disintegration is a new game that aims to combine FPS and real time strategy elements. In this game, players will pilot a heavily armed Gravcycle. Players will also command their troops on the ground as they battle through the SP mode.

Lastly, the game will release on June 16th.

Enjoy the following trailer!

John Papadopoulos

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