Corpses ‘N Souls tech demo showcases real-time 2D per pixel destruction, liquid simulation and more

Kai Kubicek has informed us about a tech demo video for his upcoming 2D Action-RPG that packs some Metroidvania elements, Corpses ‘N Souls. This tech video shows off some of the features that the game currently supports, such as real-time 2D per pixel destruction, liquid simulation, interactive blood and more.

As Kubicek told us:

“I have been working on my own modern HD 2D game engine that has been built from the ground up for the PC and my game Corpses ‘N Souls. Both my game engine 2DEvolved and Corpses ‘N Souls are both solo projects being built by my self and are targeted for the PC(which is the primary platform target), PS4, Xbox One, Linux, Switch and Mac.”

Corpses ‘N Souls will feature progressive loot & crafting mechanics, tactical combat, spell-craft and adventuring, and is set in an intricately detailed sci-fi world. Its engine, 2DEvolved, is a multi-core game engine which also further leverages Hyper-Threading in Intel CPUs and supports both DirectX and OpenGL, as well as multi-GPU systems.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • A massive 2D world to explore. Corpses ‘N Souls offers exceptional detail, employing classic Metroidvania mechanics that so many fans have grown to adore. Coupled with Diablo-like ARPG* action, random or custom loot and substantial replay value are yours for the taking. Multi-faceted gameplay and adventuring combined with an open-world feel brings the player into a whole new level of immersion.
  • Fusing Old-School with current technology. Our studio has taken a progressive and modern approach to Corpses ‘N Souls design. We have taken our inspiration from the best of what SNES, Genesis and Arcade-style games have offered, while evolving the genre with cutting-edge rendering techniques.
  • Dynamic travel. Enjoy an open world that further removes past constraints often found in 2D games, allowing you to traverse the environment like a modern open-world game. Feel like climbing up towering cliffs then jumping off at any point to a lower level? How about diving into the depths of a water feature and into the underworld below? Corpses ‘N Souls tries to remove as many shackles as possible, giving the player full control to maximize their adventure.
  • Fresh Concepts. Corpses ‘N Souls introduces unusual tasks that focus on harvesting the corpses and souls of the fallen, leading to many other related and engaging gameplay experiences. During your time in our world, you will gather, manipulate and process the corpses and souls of fallen foes and witness new multi-tiered experiences.
  • Persistent World Content. Many objects will be persistent in order to ensure continuity of experiences. For added immersion the corpses and souls of fallen foes will remain persistent in the game world, allowing for greater depth to the harvesting mechanic.

It looks really, really cool so be sure to watch the video!