Spintires MudRunner feature

Spintires: MudRunner now supports map mods, allowing players to create and share new custom maps

Saber Interactive has released a new patch that adds Workshop Map Support to Spintires: MudRunner. This basically means that the game officially now supports map mods and PC gamers are able to upload and download their creations through the Steam Workshop.

Saber Interactive also noted that those who want to play older maps on this new version will need to convert them to the game using the conversion tool in the edtior. Once this is done, the older maps will be compatible with the game’s latest version.

Furthermore, this brand new update for┬áSpintires: MudRunner comes with multiple bug fixes and improvements to level editing mode, improvements to the “import spintires-2016 level” function, and better optimised truck textures when exporting to the workshop.

This patch will be auto-downloaded from Steam, and you can find its complete changelog below.

Spintires: MudRunner Patch April 3rd Release Notes

  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements to level editing mode.
  • Undo/redo history now works for changing object position and orientation.
  • Trucks are now better visualised on the map. Truck/trailer/addon picker dialog added.
  • Truck orientation can now be arbitrary. (Trucks are no longer required to be landed.)
  • Mods can now contain levels that are properly exported to the workshop.
  • Improvements were made to the “import spintires-2016 level” function.
  • Truck textures are now better optimised when exporting to the workshop.
  • Added “default screenshot for the item” function added for mods.