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Company of Heroes 3 gets a new dev diary, focusing on Art & Authenticity

SEGA and Relic have released a new developer diary for Company of Heroes 3. In this dev diary, Relic describes how authenticity and realism have brought the battlefield to life and how they have evolved these key pillars for the game.

To create a truly authentic experience, the Relic team took inspiration from their conversations with historians, watching countless hours of WWII documentaries, and reading technical diaries from that time. For Company of Heroes 3, the studio has also created a unique system called “Paper Doll”, where items in the game are designed in a more modular way, so each outfit or tank can easily be customised to look different from one another and therefore feel more authentic.

The video also gives an in-depth perspective on how animations, vehicles, armour, and unit behaviours have advanced and how environments have changed for CoH3.

As Tristan Brett, Art Director on Company of Heroes 3, said:

“Units now really react to their environment, like when planes are flying overhead or when an enemy is close their stance will change, which really creates a living battlefield.”


Company of Heroes 3 Developer Diary // Art & Authenticity