Call of Cthulhu Preview to Madness Trailer

Focus Home Interactive has announced that Call of Cthulhu has gone Gold and released a new trailer for it. Today’s trailer explores praise for the game’s distinctly Lovecraftian atmosphere, audio and visual design, as well as the RPG-investigation mechanics that allow players to discover clues, draw conclusions, question locals and survive the island’s cosmic horrors.

In Call of Cthulhu, terrible creatures, conspiracies and cults await on Darkwater Island, lining the path to the horrifying truth behind the island. Pierce’s mind will suffer – solving the case will bring him to brink of insanity, to a place where death may appear the most favorable outcome. The player’s senses will be challenged to the point of questioning whether everything and everyone is real or illusory.

The game is currently planned for an October 30th release!

Call of Cthulhu - Preview to Madness Trailer