Blazing Chrome is a lovely 16-bit platformer that is coming to the PC in 2019, new trailer released

Joymasher has released a new trailer for its lovely 16-bit platformer, called Blazing Chrome, that will be coming to the PC in 2019. Blazing Chrome is a modern take on action platformers that came out in arcades and 16-bit consoles in the 90s, and this latest trailer showcases the game’s environments.

Blazing Chrome promises to combine explosive action with a variety of powerful and distinctive weaponry, aiming to appeal to the golden age of action platformers but also harness modern-day controls and deep gameplay mechanics.

As you will immediately notice, this action platformer looks, sounds and plays retro-amazing. This is a dream come true for all action platform fans so here is hoping that the game will sell well.


Blazing Chrome - Environments Trailer