Battlefield 4 – Running At 4K (4096×2160) On Four Titans

Battlefield 4 v6

Our reader ‘MahaVakyas’ has shared with us an interesting video, showcasing what Battlefield 4 looks like at 4K. Captured by YouTube’s member ‘Thirty IR’, this video shows Battlefield running at a really high resolution (running at 4800×2560 and being downscaled to 4096×2160) with all its bells and whistles enabled on four Nvidia Titan cards. According to Thirty IR, all settings were maxed out – including Anti-Aliasing (4x MSAA) – and VRAM usage was around 5.1GB. Enjoy!

Battlefield 4 (Beta) #3 - 4K (4096x2160) | 4x GTX-Titan SC | 3970X (4.8Ghz) |