Battlefield 4 – Running At 4K (4096×2160) On Four Titans

Battlefield 4 v6

Our reader ‘MahaVakyas’ has shared with us an interesting video, showcasing what Battlefield 4 looks like at 4K. Captured by YouTube’s member ‘Thirty IR’, this video shows Battlefield running at a really high resolution (running at 4800x2560 and being downscaled to 4096x2160) with all its bells and whistles enabled on four Nvidia Titan cards. According to Thirty IR, all settings were maxed out – including Anti-Aliasing (4x MSAA) – and VRAM usage was around 5.1GB. Enjoy!

Battlefield 4 (Beta) #3 - 4K (4096x2160) | 4x GTX-Titan SC | 3970X (4.8Ghz) |