Atomic Heart screenshots 3

Atomic Heart – Real-time RTX Tech Demo CES 2019

At CES 2019, NVIDIA showcased – once again – the real-time ray tracing effects that will be featured in Atomic Heart. Mundfish will be using RTX for real-time ray tracing reflections and refractions, as well as for its dynamic shadows.

NVIDIA and Mundfish have not revealed whether the game will also support DLSS, though it will be a big mistake if the game will not. Then again, Atomic Heart will most likely come out in 2020 so the team will have plenty of time to optimize these RTX effects.

Atomic Heart is a first-person adventure shooter in which players assume the role of special agent P-3, who after an unsuccessful landing on enterprise “3826” is trying to figure out what went wrong and to clear up a factory from went mad robots. P-3 will receive a lot of weapon in his armory, there will be several quests, and he will learn to destroy one robot after another silently in order to clear his way to the event hall, where he will meet a main enemy – a huge robot with tentacles.

Mundfish aims to launch a closed beta in Q4 2019.


Atomic Heart - Realtime RTX Demo #1 [CES 2019, Las Vegas]