User’s Articles: What we can learn from Metro Last Light’s Success

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Written by Harris/eaze2009
Most of you may remember the background story of Metro: Last Light, the game that was a hard task for the 4A developers. The team worked in somewhat uncomfortable conditions, had an unpredictable budget and were facing many more obstacles! However, their hard-work has paid off. Yes, that is right; Metro: Last Light has become both, for Deep Silver and 4A Games, Best-selling and the most critically acclaimed title!
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There is a very important lesson to learn from this! You see, the developers of Metro, even though they were in a huge predicament at times, and were facing hardships, never gave up. They had a dream, a goal. They wanted to make sure – even though they didn’t have the available resources to make the game as blockbuster as other titles – that they would keep polishing it, and do everything they can to make it stand out amidst HUGE titles!
So look at them now, THEY SUCCEEDED! And do you know, why they succeeded? Because they never ever gave up, and kept working on their dreams. So why should you be different than them? Don’t give up on the dreams you’ve worked hard to realize, and don’t lose hope. Keep pushing and shoving until you get where you want.
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I personally know some people, who are themselves making their own games and have been working on them for long amounts of time. Some even are facing huge obstacles and challenges. Trust me guys, don’t give up and keep working! I know that if you don’t give up, fate won’t give up on you!
So yeah, remember! Never give up on your dreams and goals that you have worked hard on, just be patient and keep working on it… and forget about the time wasted, cause that time is going to pass anyways. The thing is, if you do face hardships in what you are trying to accomplish, then you are on the right path. Nothing great is born without struggle!