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First closed beta test for TERA begins this weekend

The first closed beta phase of TERA will be running this weekend. From the 17th to the 19th of February the servers will be online from 3 pm (CEST) until midnight each day for courageous adventurers to walk on the wild side in the world of TERA. It will be the first of five beta tests for all pre-order customers, last year’s beta participants, and the 1,000 selected winners of the early beta registration. Two character slots invite the participants to explore the races of TERA and to prove their skills in thrilling battles up to level 22. For the first time guilds can now fight each other on a PvP server that also offers an outlaw mission in the town Velika to all unfearful adventurers. Continue reading First closed beta test for TERA begins this weekend

New TERA screenshots + boxart

En Masse Entertainment has released some new screenshots for their upcoming MMORPG, TERA. Along those screenshots, the company has also revealed the game’s boxart. Developed with the Unreal Engine 3 and using a free targeting combat system, TERA represents a new type of MMO experience. With engaging ’True Action Combat’, an innovative political system and many more features, the release of TERA promises to be a key date in the year for MMO fans everywhere. With breathtaking visuals, TERA sees players joining an alliance of races to protect their world and their gods from being wiped out by a formidable force. The game is scheduled for a May 3rd 2012 release on the PC! Continue reading New TERA screenshots + boxart

European signs-up for TERA’s Beta have just started; game comes out in Spring 2012

Frogster has today opened the beta sign up for its upcoming action-MMORPG TERA. Those who register on the official website will go into the running to enter the European closed beta, which Frogster will be providing more information on in the upcoming weeks as TERA gears up for launch. Continue reading European signs-up for TERA’s Beta have just started; game comes out in Spring 2012

TERA – New Development Details Revealed

En Masse Entertainment revealed some new details about their highly anticipated MMORPG, TERA. One of the early call outs from critics and fans alike about it has been the creature bosses, known as BAMs (Big Ass Monsters).  In order to provide more insight on TERA, En Masse Entertainment and Bluehole Studio are sharing some insider development details on about these menacing BAMs. Continue reading TERA – New Development Details Revealed

TERA – Halloween Trailer

It’s been a while since we saw TERA in action, right? Well MMORPG fans, here is a new trailer for it that is inspired by Halloween. In order to give a fairytale look and feel to it, Frogster added a clever cell-shaded effect that looks awesome – here is hoping that there will be such a filter in the final version of the game too. TERA is developed by Bluehole Studio and promises to combine the depth and flexibility of online PC games with the rich graphics, animation, and immediacy of console action games. The game is currently slated for a 2012 release, exclusively on the PC! Continue reading TERA – Halloween Trailer

TERA – Fyrmount Flythrough Video

Frogster has just released a new, flythrough video for their upcoming massive MMORPG, TERA, that is slated for release next year. The newly released flythrough video guides players through the volcanic depths of Fyrmount, a hellish region that has close ties to the Castanic race.  Enigmatic and secretive, the Castanics are stoically self-sufficient with the key to their independence lying in Fyrmount itself. Enjoy it after the jump! Continue reading TERA – Fyrmount Flythrough Video

TERA is officially coming in Spring 2012 + Eight New Screenshots

Okay, I’m really sad right now. TERA was perhaps the only MMORPG I was really looking forward to and I won’t be able to enjoy it till Spring 2012. Damn straight right, En Masse Entertainment has just announced that the launch of its award-winning and highly anticipated Action MMO, TERA, is scheduled for Spring 2012. To ease our pain, the company has also released eight new screenshots that can be viewed after the jump. Continue reading TERA is officially coming in Spring 2012 + Eight New Screenshots

TERA – Five New Screenshots + Post E3 Video

En Masse Entertainment released today five new screenshots and a new, post-E3 video for TERA. TERA racked up nearly a dozen awards and nominations from attending this year’s E3, including best MMO, best gameplay and best PC game. Politics in TERA run on a completely dynamic system and its action-oriented gameplay its among the best we’ve ever seen. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the following screenshots and trailer. TERA will be released this year on the PC. Continue reading TERA – Five New Screenshots + Post E3 Video