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Project Copernicus – Three New Fly-Through Videos Leaked

Youtube user “stduquette” has uploaded three video fly-throughs from Project Copernicus. The first video shows off an early, first look, at Jottunhessen, while the second one has an optimized version of that area. These two videos were from 2011. The third video, on the other hand, shows off Valiance and is dated May 2012. Project Copernicus looked ambitious, no doubt about that. However, 38 Studios closed and this game won’t ever see the light of day… or will it? Continue reading Project Copernicus – Three New Fly-Through Videos Leaked

Project Copernicus Trailer Leaked

Now this reminds me of what happened with Duke Nukem Forever. When 3D Realms shut down, some screenshots, artworks and a trailer got leaked online. Well, the same thing is now happening for Project Copernicus, 38 Studios’ MMO version of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. There aren’t currently any plans for any other studio opting it and finishing, but as they say – there is always hope. Question is whether we want another MMORPG or not. Enjoy! Continue reading Project Copernicus Trailer Leaked