Weekly UDK Gallery – Greek Tavern Showcased Via Epic’s Engine


It’s been a while since our last UDK gallery, don’t you think? Well, today we bring you new shots from the works of 3D artists [HP], Armangelo, DiegoMinguez, Fraeger, iflingpoo, penE, rambooze, ReneFisher and shadacer. As the title suggest, the highlight of this week is the Greek island that has been recreated by ReneFisher. Kudos to ReneFisher for doing an excellent job at capturing the details of this Greek tavern. Enjoy!

ReneFisher no1ReneFisher no2ReneFisher no3ReneFisher no4Armangelo no2Armangelo no1[HP] no1[HP] no2[HP] no3iflingpoo no1shadacer no1penE no1rambooze no1Fraeger no1DiegoMinguez no1