Warhammer 40K’s Cities of Death looks absolutely gorgeous in Unreal Engine 4

Environment/Level Artist, Scott Pearce, who has previously worked on EA’s Need for Speed: No Limits, has shared some amazing screenshots from his Warhammer 40K Cities of Death environment in Unreal Engine 4. And this new recreation of Warhammer 40K in Unreal Engine 4 looks absolutely stunning.

As Pearce noted, apart from the skydome, the dust particle effect, the fog particle effect and the smoke particle effect, all of the remaining textures and objects were created by him.

The attention to details is incredible in this fan-made recreation, showing the potential of a triple-A Warhammer 40K game. Surely we’ve seen some Warhammer 40K games in Unreal Engine 4, however none of them features as detailed visuals as those found here. And that’s a shame.

Unfortunately,┬áPearce has not made this map available to the public and has not released any flythrough video. Alas Warhammer fans can only drool over these screenshots and hope that someday a developer will be able to offer a stunning – visually – Warhammer game!