System Shock – New comparison screenshots between original 1994 version and Unreal Engine 4 Remake

Nightdive Studios has released some new comparison screenshots between the original 1994 version and the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 remake of System Shock. These screenshots showcase the visual improvements – and perhaps slight changes to the environments – that will be featured in the upcoming remake.

Nightdive Studios appears to be doing great progress overall and while there is no ETA at this point, the remake levels feel great (and they aren’t outdated as some would have thought after the game’s development hell).

Unfortunately, there isn’t currently any ETA on when System Shock Remake will come out. What this means is that we may see this remake in 2020 so it may take a while until we get our hands on it.

System Shock promises to be a proper remake/remaster of the first System Shock game. After the release of the Unity Engine demo – and after dropping the Unity Engine in favour of Unreal Engine 4 – Nightdive Studios lost its way as it tried to remake and alter some gameplay mechanics. After a big backlash, though, the team decided to abandon those plans and instead create a high quality game that adheres closely to the vision of the original System Shock.