Doom 3 Hellknight

Sniper Elite 3’s 3D artist showcases what a faithful next-gen remaster of Doom 3 could look like

Ferran Adzarà Hernández has shared some images, showing what a next-gen remaster of Doom 3 could look like. Adzarà has worked in some triple-A games like Sniper Elite 3 and Homefront: The Revolution, so he is not your average 3D artist guy. And yeah, these Doom 3 images look absolutely stunning.

Going into more details, Adzarà used a lot of polygonal extrussions and played around with silhouettes and high-fidelity PBR shaders. The artist also experimented with Normal Mapping and Parallax Occlusion Map in order to improve the visuals of this environment.

Moreover, Adzarà used 3dsMax for base high-poly modelling and ZBrush for final detailing. For texturing, he did a basic texturing pass within Substance Painter and final polishing with Photoshop. The whole scene was then rendered with Marmoset 3.

The end result is truly amazing and showcases why most of us still want a next-gen remaster of Doom 3. Not only that, but the artist was able to stay as close to the original atmosphere and material as possible. This feels like Doom 3, only better.

Funny enough, NVIDIA revealed a few days ago that it is working on a new RTX Remaster of an old game. While the green team has not revealed the game it’s remastering, I really hope it is Doom 3. Let’s not forget that Doom 3’s source code is open, therefore it’s a perfect candidate for an RTX Remaster.

I’m also certain that a proper RTX Remaster of Doom 3 will look better than the following screenshots. Well, that is of course if NVIDIA puts some effort in order to increase the game’s geometry poly-count. The original Doom 3 game had really low geometry poly-count due to its fully dynamic stencil shadows.

But anyway, enjoy the following images and stay tuned for more!