Saints Row IV – SweetFX vs Vanilla Comparison

Saints Row IV
Ah, the beauty of SweetFX. Saints Row IV vanilla looks really blurry as Volition used a lot of low-res textures but thanks to SweetFX, the game’s visuals get a bit better. Below you can find a comparison between our SweetFX settings and the vanilla version.
Saints Row IV benefits from the sharpening filter found in SweetFX. We’ve also tweaked the mid-tones, increased the saturation, added a tone of extra contrast, and enhanced the light sources for a little more ‘bleeding’.
Those interested can download our SweetFX mod from here.
As always, the modded screenshots are on the left whereas the vanilla ones are on the right.

modded 1vanilla 1modded 2vanilla 2modded 3vanilla 3modded 4vanilla 4modded 5vanilla 5modded 6vanilla 6modded 7vanilla 7modded 8vanilla 8modded 9vanilla 9modded 10vanilla 10