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quake2xp is a Quake 2 graphics overhaul mod that supports real-time per-pixel lighting & shadowing

Modder ‘KirkBarnes’ has shared some new screenshots for his graphics overhaul mod for id Software’s classic shooter, Quake 2. These screenshots showcase Relief Mapping with self shadowing that will most probably be supported in the next version of quake2xp.

In case you weren’t aware of, quake2xp is graphics port of Quake 2 with a completely updated rendering that takes full advantage of the latest graphics cards to get the perfect picture, preserving the original style of the game.

This graphics overhaul mod supports real time per-pixel lighting and shadowing (like DooM3) with high quality parallax mapping, raw mouse input, cubemaps and caustic light filters, post-processing effects (like Bloom, Brightness/Contrast/Saturation, Motion Blur, SSAO, Scanline and mediam cinematic filter), reflection (screen space local reflection) and refraction surfaces, Oren-Nayar Diffuse with GGX Specular BRDF, Phong, Lambert and Sub-Surface Scattering lighting models, and features an advanced decal and particle system.

Those interested can download its latest beta version from here. We also suggest using the high-quality weapon models that modder ‘Turic’ released a while back.