New screenshots revealed from the cancelled Duke Nukem Forever 2001 version

A new set of screenshots from the cancelled 2001 version of Duke Nukem Forever has been leaked online. Moreover, some new information about it has been leaked on 4Chan, however this is 4Chan so we can’t be certain about their accuracy.

Back in March, we posted a story about Duke Nukem Forever 2001. As we said back then, the 2001 version of Duke Nukem Forever was powered by Unreal Engine and was meant to be a more serious/dark game.

The 2001 version packs 14-16 hours of gameplay and it played partly as an RPG in terms of goals. Players basically had Mission Objectives on their HUD and they could activate them, like quests. Furthermore, you also had an inventory with ID badges, keycards, etc. Players also meet and save NPCs, solve puzzles, and try and solve the mystery of what’s going on.

Later that month, Randy Pitchford claimed that Gearbox is working on acquiring a license that will allow it to release legacy stuff for free from Take-Two, though he claimed that it will most likely include the 2001 build in a new package for Duke Nukem Forever.

But anyway, enjoy the following screenshots (it’s not much but we believe that Duke Nukem fans will appreciate them)!