New beautiful Microsoft Flight Simulator screenshots surface online

Yesterday, we shared a new gameplay video for Microsoft Flight Simulator that focused on the game’s airports. And today, we are presenting you some new in-game screenshots from the game’s latest alpha build.

As always, these new screenshots showcase some of the planes, as well as some of the game’s environments. And, as we can clearly see, the game looks absolutely beautiful.

In Microsoft Flight Simulator, players will be able to fly highly detailed and stunning aircraft in an incredibly realistic world. Players will also be able to create their flight plan and fly anywhere on the planet. Furthermore, the game will have day/night environments, as well as challenging weather conditions.

There is currently no ETA on when this flight sim game will come out. However, and since it’s in an alpha stage, I think it’s safe to say that it won’t be coming out in 2020.

Enjoy the screenshots and stay tuned for more!