HITMAN Greatly Benefits From SweetFX/Reshade – Comparison Screenshots

HITMAN is already available on the PC and as you may have noticed, we have not published yet our PC Performance Analysis. IO Interactive will release a new patch really soon, so hopefully the game will run fine under the DX12 API (right now, we are getting hard locks whenever we run the game in DX12). Until then, however, you can get a taste of the visuals improvements that come with SweetFX/Reshade.

HITMAN is a game that benefits from SweetFX. As you can easily notice, the vanilla version feels like it’s been covered in Vaseline. Thankfully, PC gamers can sharpen the image and add various visual tweaks with Reshade.

The following comparison is based on the “Enchanced Clarity And Lighting” Reshade config by Panopticon.

Vanilla images are on the left, whereas the SweetFX images are on the right.