Far Cry 4 – Low Versus Ultra Comparison Screenshots

Back in 2012, we nominated Far Cry 3 as the most optimized title for that year. Sure it had some hickups under DX11, however Ubisoft managed to deliver a great PC experience. Fast forward two years and here we are with Far Cry 4 that is plagued by various and ridiculous tech issues.

Now while our PC Performance Analysis may be sliiiightly delayed (we’re still hoping to finish it by the end of Sunday), you can enjoy below some comparison screenshots between the game’s Low and Ultra settings. Ironically, there are some elements in those “Low” quality images that are better than their “Ultra” equivalents.

For example, in Ultra settings there is blurriness all over the screen (due to those ridiculous post-processing effects. Seriously, why are developers doing their best to make their game look uglier?). It’s really funny because thanks to that ‘vaseline’ effect, the game looks more sharp on Low presets than on Ultra settings (making the game’s higher-resolution textures completely irrelevant).

As always, Ultra images are on the left whereas Low images are on the right.