Alan Wake Remastered-1

Alan Wake – Original vs Remastered Official Comparison Screenshots

Remedy has released the first official comparison screenshots between the original and the remastered versions of Alan Wake. These screenshots showcase the improvements that Remedy has made to this upcoming remaster.

As we can see, Alan Wake Remastered features higher-quality 3D models and textures. Moreover, it comes with some additional bushes, as well as slightly improved lighting.

The remastered version looks better than the original version. However, it doesn’t seem to feature any Ray Tracing effects. So yeah, don’t expect any RT Global Illumination, Shadows or Reflections effects like those found in CONTROL.

Alan Wake Remastered releases on October 5th, exclusively via Epic Games Store.

Below you can find its official comparison screenshots. The remastered version is on the left whereas the original version is on the right.

Alan Wake Remastered-1Alan Wake Original-1 Alan Wake Remastered-2Alan Wake Original-2 Alan Wake Remastered-3Alan Wake Original-3 Alan Wake Remastered-4Alan Wake Original-4 Alan Wake Remastered-5Alan Wake Original-5 Alan Wake Remastered-Alan Wake Original-6