PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds Update 8.2 artwork

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Update 14.2 available on PC, adds DBNO swimming & new weapons

PUBG Corporation has announced that Update 14.2 for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is now live on PC. In addition, the team shared its key features that you can find below.

With this update, players can now test out a few new weapons including the Taego-exclusive Mortar which can be used to engage enemies at range, and the M79 which launches smoke grenades that can be used to “blind” enemies. Also, Chickens now roam Taego and may alter enemies to your position if you get too close. So, maybe avoid them when you see them crossing the road.

Here are the key features of this latest update:

  • New Weapon – Mortar. The new Taego-exclusive weapon is easy to use in combat situations, but it can take a lot of practice to achieve reasonable accuracy. First, players must calculate the distance to the target and the expected movement path. Skillful players can attack behind ridges where grenades can’t reach or when defending specific areas. 
  • New Weapon – M79 Smoke Grenade Launcher. The new M79 is a smoke grenade launcher that was created to provide quick smoke cover on longer ranges. Players can blind their enemies, cover downed teammates or make grand escapes from a losing battle!
  • New Feature – Down But Now Out (DBNO) Swimming. To improve the survivability of players inside water, the game now supports DBNO Swimming. Previously, a player who entered DBNO while in the water would skip DBNO and instantly die. This made any deep water a hazardous area to traverse. Now players can instead enter Swimming DBNO, a slow swimming state which gives them a chance to reach the shore and be revived by teammates.

You can find its complete changelog here.