Medieval Dynasty-4

New Medieval Dynasty Update adds support for third-person perspective

Toplitz Productions has released a brand new update for Medieval Dynasty that adds support for a third-person perspective. In order to celebrate this, the company released a new trailer that showcases this new third-person camera.

Medieval Dynasty Third Person Perspective Release Trailer

Alongside the new third-person camera, the new update reduces the size of the game saves. Moreover, it brings visual enhancement of distant trees, as well as numerous adjustments to the distribution of rocks and plant.

As always, Steam will download this patch the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

Medieval Dynasty Update Release Notes

  • New feature – Third Person Perspective.
  • The sorting of fields.
  • Key binds for changing camera perspective.
  • The possibility to sit on benches and stools owned by the player.
  • The possibility to zoom out of a building while putting up a ghost.
  • Scroll control setting added for toggling between camera zoom and quick slots.
  • Current game customization menu added to game menu – Possibility to change gameplay settings without starting new game.
  • In the management for NPC details, building or animal it is now possible to get to the details of assigned workplace, relative etc.
  • New decorative items: Wooden badger, bear, bird, rabbit, and wolf figurines.
  • Sambor can become a vendor and will sell his figurines after completing his story quest (if he or Racimir dies before completing it, the figures will still be available for purchase).
  • Possibility to change camera using scroll – scroll intensity changes with consecutive scrolls
  • New sounds for filling a bucket with water.
  • Sounds of filling a waterskin.
  • All new sounds to a torch.
  • All new sounds for a shovel.
  • Loading a save which had been saved outside the in-game work hours, the NPCs still can be found in their working dress.
  • Mounts are rarely able to sprint backwards.
  • Player camera getting stuck in an odd position, unable to rotate up and down if the mounting animation was cancelled.
  • Reduced the cases where some NPCs were sitting in the wrong place.
  • Several hunters can skin the same dead animal.
  • Toddlers don’t have animations when talking to another toddler.
  • Sometimes the night guard holds a torch during the day.
  • Sometimes NPCs from the player’s village don’t work properly on optimization.
  • NPCs rotate to other NPCs during conversations only when the player gets close.
  • Sometimes after skipping a season the NPCs woke up on benches and other odd places.
  • A performance drop when the player started talking to the NPC.
  • Some furniture animates for a while if the NPCs finishes their work at the end of the day.
  • Inspector mode signatures sometimes stay permanently.
  • While looking up and aiming with a hand throwing rocks no longer covers up the screen.
  • Player’s inventory, journal etc. in some cases can be opened while skipping the season.
  • In some cases, chests can be opened while skipping a season.
  • Points for hitting the archery target are calculated as if an NPC hits it.
  • Camera shakes and the breathing option do not apply correctly after loading the game.
  • Input stuck in management if the player banishes NPC while inspecting his/her details through dialogue.
  • If an eatable item returns a container that is sorted before that item sometimes the selected item index mixes up.
  • Cursor visible during crafting.
  • Some story and chapter quests’ objectives can be done in incorrect order after reloading game.
  • Some inventory items have wrong stats in the description.
  • Selection input for right left is not visible in key binds menu.
  • Resetting key binds always makes right key bind active.
  • Hiding two handed tool due to equipping torch doesn’t update color of currently selected tool in HUD.
  • In various cases dark mode during item assignment can get stuck.
  • Going to the NPC management through dialogue results in bad inputs displayed.
  • Dead oxen had a collision with player after dying.
  • Fists removed small stones on hit.
  • Building on corners of the map outside the player’s available area.
  • Player being able to skin husbandry animals while mounted on a horse.
  • The player crouching motion animations.
  • Gates spinning out of control when hit by an arrow or spear.
  • Forge tongs staying in players hand after using the anvil for crafting.
  • Player can sell mount he is sitting on resulting in bug.
  • Hair color not updating for player when wearing a hat.
  • If you talk to an NPC when he is about to sit on a bench in a tavern, he will sit in the air.
  • When cutting one of the birch tree type the logs of that tree would appear in one another.
  • Neigh mount animation can be started before the previous one has finished playing, interrupting it midway .
  • Player is using wrong animation when mount plays neigh animation and player is holding forward/backward key.
  • After assigning house to animal from animal’s details player needs to reopen this details to assign once again.
  • After accepting or canceling changes made on field inputs are not refreshed .
  • No background blur during custom name pop-up.
  • Reduced size of the game saves.
  • Visual enhancement of distant trees.
  • Numerous adjustments to the distribution of rocks and plant.
  • The cases where the NPC is unable to enter a building are reduced.
  • Toddlers can walk to random points in the village.
  • Player’s NPCs can walk to random points in the village.
  • Changed the NPCs avoidance system.
  • Water reacts to animals.
  • Player’s sprint animation.
  • Player’s jump animation.
  • Added the wooden shovel to handcrafting items.
  • Wooden shovel no longer requires buying a scheme.
  • Removed technology requirements for the scarecrow.
  • Sorting buildings by name now also checks for custom name.
  • It is now possible to restore the default settings for gameplay, sound and graphics.
  • Swapped the talent “force of nature” with “master of destruction”.
  • Time to autosave is now 15 min by default.
  • The cauldrons boil animation should now play when the workbench is waiting for next crafting session.
  • When flailing the player should play flailing animation earlier.
  • Adjusted the turning speed on mounts to make it feel more responsive.
  • Prevented the horse from jumping while going backwards or walking slowly.
  • A shovel no longer requires the player to look at the ground to dig.
  • Dead bandits disappear after season change.
  • Horse reins no longer collide with NPCs.
  • Hungarian updated.
  • German updated.
  • Italian updated.
  • Chinese updated.
  • Ukrainian updated.
  • Polish updated.
  • Russian updated.
  • Spanish updated.
  • Swedish updated.
  • Dutch updated.