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First PC patch released for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, aiming to improve non-RT performance

Respawn has just released the first PC patch for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. According to the release notes, this first update aims to improve the game’s performance when not using its Ray Tracing effects.

And… well… that’s it. This first update does not bring any other improvements, tweaks, changes or fixes. Still, it will be interesting to see whether there is any meaningful performance boost in the Koboh Outpost without RT.

This PC patch is 3.3GB in size, and Steam will auto-downloaded it the next time you launch its client. The patch is also available on the EA App (for those that have purchased the game from EA’s store).

Respawn has shared the following changelog. Do note that the console fixes have already been implemented on PC.

Jedi Survivor First Patch Release Notes

Lastly, the developers have stated that they are working on more patches that will further improve performance and fix bugs across all platforms.

Stay tuned for more!