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Dying Light 2 Update 1.8 brings graphical and Ray Tracing improvements, adds benchmark tool, full patch notes

Techland has released a new major update for Dying Light 2. According to the release notes, Patch 1.8 brings numerous graphical and Ray Tracing improvements. Moreover, it adds an official benchmark tool, and optimizes memory usage in d3d12 mode in order to improve game stability.

Since the changelog for this update is quite big, we won’t be wasting any more of your time. And as always, Steam will download this patch the next time you launch its client.

Dying Light 2 Patch 1.8 Release Notes

Gameplay Updates #1
  • Fixed a problem with getting on a bicycle after starting the bicycle challenge allowing players to complete the task
  • Fixed an issue on PS5 during the Markers of Plague quest, related to Aiden being stuck after injecting the first inhibitor
  • Also fixed an issue where the player could not progress with the Combat Challenge, because of missing interaction prompt
  • No shortcuts! Removed a spot in the Opera that allowed players to skip all Madman From Villedor phases
  • Fixed a black screen after canceling the Prince of Thieves Challenge
  • Fixed a black screen after starting Tower of Babel Challenge
  • Tweaked Skullface resistances to elemental damage, making him more challenging than before
  • Fixed an issue where biters sometimes dealt 0 damage to the player
  • Fixed an issue where the finisher would not deal damage to Skullface
  • Also fixed an issue with legendary encounters rewarding the players with only mutation samples
  • Fixed an issue with missing objective marker when tracking the Sattelite Dream quest
  • Fixed an issue with some zip lines floating in the air
  • Also fixed an issue with outfits not being unlocked as quest rewards in Bloody Ties DLC
Gameplay Updates #2
  • Fixed some shield mods being duplicated in craftmaster’s upgrade tab
  • Fixed an issue with weapon mods being improperly displayed when previewing multiple opera costumes
  • Headshots with the bows should now deal the appropriate amount of damage
  • Tweaked player damage scaling in the Opera to make fights more challenging
  • Fixed Human enemy AI, which no longer allows them to use Skullface skillset
  • Players are now able to drop rewards bought from Carnage Hall rewards vendor
  • Swing animations are now faster to feel more on par with Dying Light 1
  • Fixed an issue with restarting challenges at the Opera
  • True Nightrunner achievement should now be unlocked properly after completing all the Nightrunner trials
  • Fixed Deathloop in the opera after killing the guard
  • Madmen of Villedor parkour challenge tweaks
Co-op Updates
  • Fixed crashes happening on Xbox when accepting invite to your friend’s session
  • Fixed an issue where the fourth player to join the session would get stuck in the table during dialogue with Severus
  • Also fixed an issue with a blocked checkpoint during the Running Up That Tower Challenge in co-op
  • Improved infected AI during Run Boy Run Challenge in co-op
  • The game will now inform you if you’re trying to connect to a host that currently plays a dialogue or a cutscene
  • Fixed an issue where the guard was spawned on the players’ location, immediately failing the stealth mission
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the infinite wait during the dialogue before the challenge
  • Also fixed an issue where players are unable to proceed to the Madmen from Villedor Challenges
  • The trophy The Madman of Villedor will be unlocked in co-op after completing the Challenges
  • Fixed multiple connection issues
  • Fixed an issue where players could be separated during the Challenges
  • Also fixed some icons being too big in COOP
  • Between Two Fires Challenge progress is shared now, allowing players to finish it at once
  • Players are no longer able to bash through the doors that require the team to gather
  • Fixed the game crashing after completing a windmill challenge
    Manica Shield Ice Mods are now upgradable
  • Fixed an issue with players unable to start quests in co-op
  • Manica Shield received sounds when playing in co-op
UI/UX Updates
  • Fixed timer display during Challenges in Carnage Hall
  • Fixed an icon of one-handed Silencer Machete
  • Also fixed an issue with the Carnage Manica display in the accessory while inspecting it
  • Fixed an issue where players could reach restricted areas
  • Fixed an issue with player spawning in the incorrect locations after finishing the quests
  • Also fixed missing voice-overs during the Opera quests
  • Fixed asset load issue during the Treasure Hunt challenge
  • Added missing textures from the Opera localizations
  • Improved camera motion during Madmen of Villedor cinematic
  • Fixed animation of player blocking with a shield when the bow is equipped
Technical Updates
  • Low-quality preset in Video Options no longer switches to DX12 mode and sets Intel XeSS as a upscaler on PCs with AMD cards
  • Players will no longer lose their money after accepting the best and reloading the game during Twin Brothers quest
  • Players will no longer get stuck while sliding into the vent shafts
  • Don Quixote achievement will now be granted after the player unlocks all the windmills in the game
  • Fixed an issue with the game’s performance dropping after playing for more than 1 hour on some devices
  • Fixed infinite loading screen that was happening whenever a player logged out of the account right after signing in
  • Also fixed an issue with sounds randomly disappearing
  • Fixed an issue with force feedback missing while playing on gamepad
  • Players are no longer able to bypass the Perfect Block tutorial
  • Fixed an issue with infected being too silent
  • Fixed crash during the fast travel between The City and Opera
  • [RayTracing] Fixed player’s shadow missing in photo mode
  • [RayTracing] Fixed issues with corrupt lighting sources
  • Fixed Baba Yaga challenge being unplayable
  • Reduced the number of times infected will grab the player
  • AI/Player will no longer shake after getting grabbed by Biters
  • Fixed the game crashing after changing resolution from 3840×2160 to 1920×1080
  • Fixed infinite loading screen upon opening the title in offline mode on EGS Launcher
  • Optimized memory usage in d3d12 mode improving game stability
  • Exposed setting for extending rendering range of highest level of detail geometry
  • Ray-tracing effects range is extended by 20%
  • Implemented benchmark mode, allowing users to measure their PCs performance in Dying Light 2
  • Fixed lack of player shadows in photo mode when using ray tracing
  • Improved initial load time (by up to 10s on PS4)
  • Minor improvements to texture streaming
  • Improved tree shadows (LOD)
  • Improved fog and water reflections quality