Capcom restores the missing Ray Tracing options from Resident Evil 2 Remake & Resident Evil 3 Remake

Last week, we informed you about a bug that disabled the ray tracing settings from the PC versions of Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 3 Remake. And today, Capcom issued a new update that restores these RT options on PC.

This latest hotfix does not include any other fixes, tweaks, changes or improvements. Still, it’s good that Capcom reacted so quickly and restored these RT settings.

As we’ve already reported, Capcom will be sunsetting the DX11 versions of RE2Remake, RE3Remake and Resident Evil 7. Thus, from July 2023, these three games will only support the DX12 API.

As always, Steam will download this hotfix the next time you launch its client.

Have fun!