Ys Net released a timeline for backer physical rewards and patch 1.03 for Shenmue III

We already informed you about the rumor regarding the potential development of Shenmue IV. Ys Net recently released patch 1.03 for Shenmue III. Unfortunately there are no patch notes at this time. We will make sure to update this article if the notes surface online.

Ys Net also released a timeline for physical rewards on its Kickstarter page. Some of these rewards are a collectible figure, a watch, vintage grab bags and several other. You can see the whole list here, along with the reward timeline.

These rewards are only for backers of the game on Kickstarter. More rewards will follow in the upcoming months.

Mid to late January 2020

  • Illustration
  • Yu Suzuki Signed Illustration
  • Concept Character Bust

Early   February 2020

  • Physical CD Soundtrack
  • Shenmue III Official T-Shirt

March   2020 or later

  • Physical Artbook
  • Capsule Toys
  • Ryo’s Jacket – Replica

You can read Pieter’s review here and John’s performance analysis of Shenmue III here.

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