You can only re-experience the classic Playstation games in their full glory on the PC, not on Playstation Classic

Earlier this month, we informed you about Playstation Classic using the mobile version of the PCSX emulator. Still, things got even worse today as it was revealed that a number of games that will be included in it are based on their PAL versions which were running at 50hz. Not only that, but even the NTSC versions appear to have framepacing issues, resulting in an underwhelming experience.

To be honest, I find it really ironic that the official Playstation Classic is using an open source emulator and that it is offering inferior versions of its games. In fact, and according to earlier reports, Playstation Classic runs the games worse than the original Playstation console.

What this ultimately means is that the only way to replay these classic Playstation games is via emulators on the PC. Thanks to PCSX and other emulators, gamers can run the games at full 60fps without framepacing issues. Players can also increase the internal resolution if they choose to, or use some hardware filtering in order to smooth the visuals (though we know that some gamers do not like filtering as it brings extra blurriness).

Moreover, gamers have access to more titles on the PC via the available emulators. Playstation Classic comes with 20 pre-loaded games and from what we know so far, gamers won’t be able to use their original CDs to play the titles they already own. On the PC, however, gamers can use the old and original CDs in order to play the games they already own.

So yeah, if you want to play the classic Playstation games you are better off using a Playstation emulator on your PC than buying this new “classic” console… unless of course you prefer an inferior experience!