Xenonauts 2 Announced – Will Be Powered By Unity3D, Slated For A 2017 Release

Goldhawk Interactive has announced that Xenonauts 2 is currently under development, and is slated for a 2017 release on the PC. Although the team did not reveal any screenshots for tactical title, it did reveal some information about it.

Xenonauts 2 will be powered by the Unity3D engine and instead of  2D sprites, it will pack 3D graphics.

The game will retaine the Time Unit combat system, will enhance the interface and will give the player additional tactical options.

Here are some of the game’s new key features:

  • Game Engine – using Unity3D will give us a much more capable platform for development than our previous engine, so expect fewer bugs, improved performance, better modding support, etc
  • 3D Graphics – moving from 2D sprites to 3D graphics will improve visual fidelity, but will also be valuable for gameplay – it allows for things like rotating cameras, vastly improved animation, physics objects, accurate projectile tracking, etc
  • Ground Combat – we will be retaining the Time Unit combat system, and will enhance the interface and giving the player additional tactical options: destructible UFOs, better use of terrain verticality, human psionics, etc
  • Geoscape – we want to add a lot more strategic choice for the player with regards to the research tree and how they choose to expand their organisation (there was definitely too much strategic railroading in the first Xenonauts)
  • Air Combat – redesigned to be turn-based and to feature larger numbers of combatants, with the goal of making it a less frequent occurrence but more tactically involved when it does happen
  • Aliens – we are visually and mechanically redesigning all of the enemies, and creating a more intelligent and challenging foe by developing gameplay systems that allow the aliens to respond and adapt to your tactics and technology

Stay tuned for more!