X Rebirth pushed back to 2012; New Details Unveiled

Deep Silver and Egosoft presented their upcoming space game in GamesCom and we have some interesting news for you. But first, the bad news; X Rebirth is pushed back to 2012. Although the game had previously a Q4 2011 release, it’s now confirmed that it will come out next year on the PC so space fans will have to wait a little bit longer.
And now some good news; The game looks obviously better than its predecessor and there have been some nice gameplay changes. This basically means that X Rebirth is actually a redesign of an actually constitutes a space game.
Egosoft decided to network the universe differently this time around. Instead of the casual travel accelerations that were present in the previous X game, X Rebirth will also feature a street – interplanetary transport – system. Imagine this system like a street in space and it is implemented with highways that accelerate the player’s ship. As a result of that, it enables it to move really fast from point A to point B while the player is able to also experience the vast open space at the same time. In addition, the jump gates will also be present in the game.
Furtherermore, there will be only one player ship in the game but this single player ship has some features to it; it has an interior, a co-pilot, a crew and the ship is altered throughout the course of the plot. Players will also be able to control and own lots of things so don’t worry, it won’t be dumbed down for the masses.
Capital ships will be controlled remotely by orders. Therefore, an NPC is placed inside the capital ship and is controlled via dialogue. Thus players can even determine what mode it shall use and what part of the opponent’s ship shall be targeted. This basically means that players will have the freedom to choose the level of micromanagement for themselves.
The company also promised a more complex storyline and sadly there won’t be any multiplayer mode. Egosoft would love to do one and although X Rebirth goes in a direction of how a multiplayer game chould be established, it’s the biggest step for the company and since it’s a total redesign, a multiplayer mode would be simply too much for them.
X Rebirth presentation Gamescom 2011