Rejoice From Dust fans; First FPS unlocker released

We knew that the PC community will find a workaround and that’s why we pointed out that ridiculous framerate lock that Ubisoft introduced in From Dust. So get ready everyone because the first version of a framerate unlocker has just been released and we say that it’s the first version because there are some glitches here and there that will be hopefully fixed in its next version.
This FPS unlocker is made by Rick and can be downloaded from here. The biggest issue so far with the unlocker is that the physics of some environmental elemets – like the lava in some levels – feel unnatural and are tied to the game’s framerate. Rick is looking into it and promised to fix it in a new version.
Here are the installation instructions for this little mod:
-Extract both files (the DLL and startup.txt) to game directory, such as: X:\Path\To\Steam\steamapps\common\from dust.
-Edit startup.txt if you want.
-Play game.