WWE WrestleFest Coming To Steam In Summer 2012

Back in the days, I really loved all those 2D wrestling games. My favourite one was WWF WrestleFest. Man, that was one of the best arcade games ever. The roster was amazing, the graphics were awesome for that age, gameplay was top-notch and hit detection was polished. It was one hell of a game and I’m delighted to report that THQ and Seed Studios are developing a new, 2D WWE WrestleFest game.
But here is the bad news first. This new WWE WrestleFest game will feature modern-day wrestlers instead of all those classics ones that were feature in the old version.
The good news is that it will be in 2D and that it will feature new, redesigned sprites and stages. THQ has only revealed images from the iOS version so here is hoping that the PS3/X360/PC versions will look significantly better.
WWE WrestleFest is coming to Steam in Summer 2012 and will most probably be one of the few PC wrestling games for 2012.
I also decided to include a video from the old, classic WWF WrestleFest game. Watch and behold. And now if you excuse me, I have to go, load it up, and replay it!
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