WWE 2K15 & Bioshock Infinite Complete Edition Spotted On Korean GRB, Coming To The PC

Great news for all those waiting for a PC version of 2K Games’ WWE series, as the Korean Gaming Rating Boards has listed WWE 2K15 – alongside a new edition for Bioshock Infinite – for the PC. While 2K Games has not confirmed anything yet, it’s pretty obvious that this latest installment in 2K’s wrestling series.

Here are the Korean Gaming Rating Boards listings for both WWE 2K15 PC and Bioshock Infinite: The Complete Edition PC.


What’s also interesting is that these two listings are fresh (submitted today and three days ago), meaning that 2K Games may actually be up to something.

Here is hoping that the company will reveal the PC version of WWE 2K15 sooner than later. And what about the Complete Edition of Bioshock Infinite? Will it be a remaster or just a GOTY edition?

Enjoy and stay tuned for more.

Kudos to our reader ‘Lara Croft’ for informing us!