Wreckfest – Latest Update Features lawn Mower Race, Improves Tyre Model & Visual Damage

Bugbear Entertainment has released a new update for Wreckfest on Steam. This update adds a new playground, updates the tyre model, improves the visual damage of vehicles, and introduces two new stages (early versions).

As the press release reads.

“There’s something that a lot of you have wanted to see make a return, and as our humble way of saying ‘thank-you’ for all the amazing support we’ve received since the start we’ve included a very special event in this update: lawn mower derby with ragdoll physics! So slip into your farming mood and show them who’s the boss!”

As said, this update contains early versions of two new race tracks, a twisty real-world inspired folk-racing track and a high-speed street track, both guaranteed to work wonders for some high-octane racing that’s only possible in our game.

In other news this update also introduces the basics of career gameplay, with parts deteriorating over time, and a marketplace from where to obtain new and better parts for your cars.

“There are also many more performance parts like gearboxes to choose from and tune your car with. Please note this update will only give you the first taste of the planned career gameplay, with many more features like crew management and repairing scheduled for near future.”

Last but not least, thanks to the new tyre model system that has been implemented in this update, the sensation of grip is significantly more tangible than before. Furthermore the visual damage has been once again enhanced, and cars now deform more like they’re actually made of sheet metal instead of paper or plastic.

Have fun!


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