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WRC 9 December 2020 Update released, fixes numerous bugs, full patch notes

KT Racing has released a brand new update for WRC 9. According to the release notes, the December 2020 Update comes with a number of bug fixes. In addition, it fixes various mouse/keyboard navigation issues.

Going into more details, the December 2020 Patch fixes several collision issues with the environment. It also fixes an issue where additional headlights would not produce any light.

It’s also worth noting that this patch adds several languages for copilot lobby. It also adds support of the Arabic language, as well as Esports WRC season 6 groundwork.

As always, Epic Games Store will download the December 2020 Update the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

WRC 9 December 2020 Patch Notes

New Content
  • Added support of the Arabic language
  • Esports WRC season 6 groundwork
General Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with archs wrongly branded on Portugal stages
  • Fixed an issue where both players could control the gears of each other in split screen mode
  • Also fixed an issue when controller’s vibration could stop after restarting a stage
  • Copilot mode can now be played with Dashboard camera.
  • Fixed an issue where you could see out of the world with the photo mode
  • Fixed an issue where switching user while in spectator mode reset the camera to mode 1
  • Also fixed an issue where the copilot couldn’t control the wipers
  • Fixed issue where the progression bar could be stuck while playing on SSS tracks
  • Added several languages for copilot lobby.
  • Fixed issue where additional headlights would not produce any light
  • Also fixed various translation issues
  • Fixed several collision issues with the environment
  • Fixed various SFX related issue
PC specific fixes
  • Fixed various mouse / keyboard navigation issues