WRATH: Aeon of Ruin is 3D Realms’ new FPS; first details, screenshots & debut gameplay trailer

3D Realms and 1C Entertainment have revealed their new first person shooter that will be powered by the Quake Engine. This new FPS is called WRATH: Aeon of Ruin, targets a Summer 2019 release and you can find below the first details, screenshots and a debut gameplay trailer.

WRATH promises to embrace the timeless elements of classic titles such as DOOM, QUAKE, DUKE NUKEM 3D, BLOOD, UNREAL and HEXEN and carries them into the 21st century.

In this new FPS you play as Outlander. Once adrift upon the Ageless Sea, you now find yourself on the shores of a dying world.

“From the consuming darkness emerges a figure cloaked in white, the Shepherd of Wayward Souls, who burdens you with the task of hunting down the remaining Guardians of the Old World. You must journey into the vast gloom to explore ancient ruins, discover forgotten secrets and battle the horrors that lurk within.”

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Explore a vast world shrouded in darkness, passionately crafted by the hands of expert Quake scene necromancers.
  • Traverse 3 hubs and 15 enormous, interconnected levels crawling with hordes of enemies, lore and ancient secrets.
  • Forge your path with an arsenal of 9 deadly weapons, each with multiple fire modes.
  • Know your enemy. Many horrors lurk in the shadows, thirsting for your blood.
  • Artifacts of great power lay hidden in the dark places of the world. Find them and dominate your enemies.
  • Powered by the Legendary Quake 1 Tech, WRATH is an authentic, classic FPS in every way.
  • Capped at 666 fps, WRATH will melt your soul and your Voodoo 2… But it’s okay. Software Rendering is supported!
  • Create your own worlds. WRATH is built from the ground up to be easily moddable. Make your own levels, weapons and characters. From day one, the very tools used to create WRATH will be available for all.
  • Gib your friends in classic Multiplayer modes, powered by the renowned QuakeWorld netcode.
    Dominate the world of WRATH with 3 other companions in 4 player co-op, LAN or online!
  • Immerse yourself in a haunting soundscape born from the twisted minds of Andrew Hulshult(Quake Champions, Rise of the Triad, Dusk and Amid Evil) and Bjorn Jacobson (CyberPunk 2077, Hitman, EVE Online).


WRATH: Aeon of Ruin Reveal Trailer