World of Diving – First Community-Driven Content Available

Vertigo Games today launches a community-driven content update for the Rift-enabled underwater exploration game World of Diving, which lets early access players explore the community co-created, Brony HMS Tranquility shipwreck dive site, equipped with the Rift or without.

In addition, Vertigo Games has released a brand-new World of Diving teaser video that takes us to a mysterious subtropical location where fantasy meets reality, inspired by a popular animated television series.

As the press release reads, the entire World of Diving community was sourced for their ideas on Sgt_Brony’s HMS Tranquility: from setting and back-story to design and realism.

“Many pitched in, leading to a heated discussion about realism in videogames in general and World of Diving in specific. While some feared that a Brony shipwreck would lead the game onto a slippery slope into fantasyland, others argued that videogames are made to enable the impossible, and that with our advanced technology, even in the real world the edges of realism and fantasy are starting to blur.”

As Sgt_Brony claimed:

“The true realism of this game is that ‘We Don’t Know’ all that is beneath the water and the mysteries it holds. What I’m having designed here is a fun, creative ship to dive and explore that’s so far out of the norm that you just can’t stop … going back to it every time you log on to play just because of its oddity.”


World of Diving - HMS Tranquility