Wolfenstein The New Order feature 3

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Possible Performance Boost Discovered

Our reader ‘Dirty Dan’ has informed us about a possible performance boost for Wolfenstein: The New Order. According to our reader, by renaming the executable filename from WolfNewOrder_x64 to WolfNewOrder_x32, PC gamers will notice a huge performance increase.

Unfortunately, we could not confirm this as we’re already GPU-bound and the game is running with 60fps most of the times. Still, we did not notice any stuttering issues (not that we were experiencing much before this tweak). We’ll be sure to further test this workaround later (in order to find specific areas in which we had some framerate drops to 50fps) and we’ll update this story.

As Dirty Dan told us:

“I am using the latest Nvidia drivers but that boost still happened strangely enough. Just the rename made my game run butter smooth. I have an i7 3770 3.4 ghz and a GTX 660 1.5 GB  and 32 GB of RAM. I had read on forums that the rename have a huge FPS boost, and I can confirm it’s a world of difference. It went from horribly stutters to barely any streaming to butter smooth and no pop in”

Dirty Dan has been providing with lots of tweaks in the past, meaning that he’s a trustworthy source.

So, if you are experiencing any performance issues with MachineGames’ latest FPS, make sure to give this workaround a go and feel free to share your thoughts!