Wing Commander Saga hits 50K downloads in its first 24 hours

It seems that there is a market for action space games, as the freshly released ‘The Wing Commander Saga’ was downloaded 50.000 times in its first 24 hours. Nice number, right? Of course that might be due to the fact that it’s a freeware game. Nevertheless, it’s a huge number for such a game from an indie studio. What’s more even more impressive is that most publications and gaming sites were – pleasantly – surprised by it.
Wing Commander Saga is the product of a dedicated  group of fans seeking to tell a compelling story and provide an electrifying gameplay experience in Chris Robert’s iconic Wing Commander  universe. It features 55 missions in two campaigns, over 70 cutscenes,  over 11,000 lines of voice work produced by 60 voice actors, and a  storyline that dovetails with the events of Wing Commander 3: The Heart  of the Tiger. It has been released for the PC, with Mac and Linux  version coming soon.