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Windows 10 – Game mode tested, does not offer any performance boost in its current state

Game mode is a feature that a lot of PC gamers were looking forward to. This mode is available in the latest Windows 10 Insiders Build, however it appears that it does not offer any performance improvement at all.

Microsoft claimed that it targets to improve performance via two ways with Game Mode: a) an increase overall framerate or peaks and b) an increase in average framerates or consistency.

A number of PC users got their hands on this build and according to some early tests, Windows 10’s Game mode is a big letdown as it did not actually offer any performance improvement at all.

Reddit’s member ‘_Primeey‘ tested Forza Horizon 3 and found zero performance improvements.

This falls in line with YouTube’s ‘Go4Game’ experience, who saw zero performance improvements in Forza Horizon 3 with Game Mode enabled.

Windows 10 Game Mode - Build 15019 - Testando no Forza Horizon 3

YouTube’s ‘AkkaratG Klunrith’ also tested Rise of the Tomb Raider and did not see any performance improvements. AkkaratG Klunrith tested the Soviet Installation; a CPU-bound area that should, theoretically, see some performance improvements via this new mode.

All in all, Windows 10’s Game Mode is a letdown, at least in its current state. We don’t know whether Microsoft will further improve its functionality, however these early tests show a mode that does little to improve a game’s performance!