Wilfred the Hero is coming back to the PC in 2012

Remember an old RPGMaker demo of a game called Wilfred the Hero that was released on the internet more than five years ago. Nope? Doesn’t ring any bells? Well, Wilfred the Hero was a game by Brandon Abley and Teo Mathlein with the initial objective of making a console-style RPG unlike any other created with the RPGMaker engine and tells the story of Wilfred’s quest to save the world, although the game actually begins on the final day of his long journey.
Fast forward a few years and here we are today with the remake of Wilfred the Hero from its original creators. Wilfred the Hero is set to feature both turn-based and real-time battle systems, an epic orchestral soundtrack, an engaging yet unusual storyline, plus some of the weirdest characters you’ll ever encounter in a fantasy role-playing game. Brandon and Teo are currently developing Wilfred the Hero for distribution on the PC platform, but other operating systems and consoles may yet receive a port when the game is closer to being finished.
Enjoy its first video bellow!
Wilfred the Hero Demo Reel 1