Weekly UDK Gallery [March 17th – 23rd]

Following our CryEngine 3 gallery, today we bring you new shots from Polycount’s 3D artists biofrost, Boyo, JustGarry, KMNettelbladt, maxmead, Mr Smo and oldemo. The highlight of this week is Mr Smo’s stunning castle environment, with its brilliant textures and the tessellated water. This is a truly amazing level and we hope to see a flythrough video when the map is finished. Enjoy!

Mr Smo-2Mr Smo-1Mr Smo-3JustGarry-3JustGarry-2JustGarry-1KMNettelbladt-2KMNettelbladt-1maxmead-2maxmead-1corridor_02corridor_01oldemo-2oldemo-1biofrost-3biofrost-2biofrost-1Boyo

UDK sea defense - water_01