Weekly Skyrim Gallery [August 26th – September 1st]; Altair and Darksiders II’s Death invade Skyrim

Skyrim fans, today we bring you new shots from the works of ginnyfizz, seanphil, xDNOx, Akhorahil666, Maevan2, DeadMerc0610, dryna, VictoriaG, mymajestymv, Katiemw, Zar1n, devona80, KingUggi, Nightskia, Thardok, yhwhwarrior, ginnyfizz, MisterGibson, fk1985, falconerz, bronze316, Dystortion and Shunreal. In this week’s Skyrim gallery you can find beautiful women, gorgeous landscapes, artistic ENBSeries mods and new characters. And as the title suggests, we get to see some early models from Altair and Darksiders II’s Death. Enjoy!